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Before you browse thru my works, here’s a little something about me.

My passion for the art of Photography and Videography started when I lived with my uncle, who owned a very popular studio in Cadiz City in the Philippines. My uncle taught me the basics and I did all the hard work to learn the craft. I will not bore you with all the details, so I’ll make this short. Years after, I got married to my beautiful wife Ritchel, had our son Richard and was able to open two studios in the Philippines. In 2010, we took a huge leap when we decided to migrate in the US where my wife pursued her career as a Physical Therapist. And me, with this artistic blood, found this leap as an opportunity so I continued to be a professional Photographer and Videographer. Eventually, after years of continuous training and learning, I have developed a talent on multitasking — doing a lot of things on my own with the use of technology and hi-end equipment, of course without compromising the quality of my outputs. My love for my art and my eye for color are very evident in every cut on videos I create and in the photographs I take. My goal is to capture beautiful messages and tell amazing stories using the lens of my cameras. I am dedicated to give my best every time, create works that will stand out from others and have customer satisfaction as my top priority.

Thanks again for your visit. Feel free to contact me for inquiries.

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